My background in SAP has centered around the logistics and supply chain areas, which has included linking to systems like ordering, warehouse management, external billing, credit management systems and bespoke solutions, using file based exchanges and SAP IDOC technology.  I have worked on SAP centric projects for over 10 years and decided to create this site as a repository of information that I can access remotely from client sites.

SAP is not the only software package on the market and sometimes it is not the right package to implement.  Often, people that have no idea about software selection, make the agreement to embark a company on several years of SAP and the costs that it brings. Once the big sell is done and the ink is drying on the deal, a project is launched to implement SAP software in your organisation and the fun starts or pain begins, or both!  SAP software is big and companies occasionally implement more modules than they need, or do not implement the modules they should.  Often favouring external solutions they have had for years, bending SAP to near breaking point, or do not choose to use the benefits of SAP’s integrated package and writing their own solutions to do much of the work.

I have seen SAP implemented where users have twice the workload, downloading a checking data rather than asking for reports to validate transactions or ensure master data quality. Some organisations have very specific and heavily customised SAP environments whilst others adhere to standard SAP configurations and use complimentary software to empower their business community avoiding programming SAP in a way that restricts a flexible solution. On mySAPstuff, I will be adding over time some useful Tips as well as some very handy downloadable utilities, which require a small donation.  This site will continue to evolve with articles and utilities written by both myself and other SAP professionals.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find its contents useful.