Reporting Material Texts

 PLEASE NOTE: This is a brief summary of the product.  When you purchase this utility you will receive the full information, instructions on how to install and the relevant code in .pdf format.


In a business process, on occasion there is a need to show texts held against the material master data for whatever reason.  Normally this is by looking at each customer record.

Business Scenario

You have a requirement to check to see if texts held against a group of customers are the same so that your SAP system report consistent text.


This utility lists texts for selected materials based on the selection options chosen.  Where the text is held at a sales area level ( sales area = sales organisation, distribution channel and division ) the sale area is shown in the report output.

Best Practice

Depending on the number of materials the report run time will vary and a progress indicator shows the status.

Initial Screen

You can leave the material and sales area blank to report everything if required.

Reporting Material Text

Output Screen

material text utility image 2

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