Sales & Distribution

Your SAP solution allows order lines to be changed to a zero value price using the item category functionality.

For example item category for the line is changed from Tan to TANN.
Your company has decided that TANN item category is defined as not pricing relevant.

It is now possible to have the whole sales order with a zero net price.

Although you have given users the option to make an order line as a free sample
your company did not intend to allow the entire standard order type to be free.

To stop this you can apply a small piece of code that raises an error message and stop the order saving
Whether in order create or order change mode.

You may need to define the error message, so please consult your ABAP developer

SAP include program MV45AFZZ

IF vbak-vbtyp = ‘C’ AND vbak-netwr = 0.
IF vbak-auart = ‘OR’ OR vbak-auart = ‘ZOR’.
MESSAGE e001(zsd).

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